About UNIsource Health

Screening technology has become a critical tool for uncovering underlying health issues. But both timing of and location for testing may be equally as important to the fate of the patient and the opportunities for effective treatment.

Making available to the public an in-office early screening system at the level of the family physician inspired the founding of UNIsource Health. As a company dedicated to the utilization of an integrated and holistic approach to bring modern-day medical screening into the health-conscious mainstream, we are dedicated to raising the quality of engagement between patients and doctors.

While many equipment providers focus only on one specific disease or internal region, or serve the needs of institutional settings, UNIsource is a solutions provider aiming at the patient walking into a doctor’s office for a regular checkup. By combining hardware, software and expert on-site technical support, the physician’s practice can better deliver a high-end integrative exam with a track record of success.

Starting with non-invasive testing for 8 significant risk factors conducted in-office in a mere 8-minutes per patient, our UNIfied approach extends beyond the ability to deliver clinical assessments earlier than most. Physicians can generate immediate results anywhere they practice in the U.S. regardless of the size of their practice. Our transparent unique UNIsource program will generate significant billing-insured revenue for doctors.

The UNIsource Health name stands for unique and unified solutions. It is our goal to be the most reliable source for integrated health screenings physicians can use to bring this revenue-generating capability inside their practice while also drastically improving physician-patient relation.